Villages in the Philippines range from small communities along national roads, to remote groups far from the national infrastructure. Villages are self-contained communities, yet are often out of reach of mobile networks and may not have access to the internet. Infocom has developed different network solutions that will bring the world to these communities through the miracle of wireless networks.

The GSM Small Cell

This is a simple network node to support simple mobile voice calls and SMS for small communities. The transmission may be from Satellite services or a connection to another network through a wireless link built by Infocom.

Wi-Fi on a Pole

Infocom designed an easy-to install system that uses locally sourced poles installed in a key community location. The Wi-Fi hotspot is then installed at the top of the pole and linked by wireless link to other networks up to 30 kilometres away. Wi-Fi users can then gather at the community center and link to overseas relatives via internet.

Internet at Home

Extending Wi-Fi on a pole to the nearby community means that each subscribing home can have their own internet connection. Infocom brings internet to the streets and small communities in and around the town without the need for new copper or fiber cabling; eliminating the need for street work disrupting the community life.

The Hotspot Kit

For enterprising communities in the Philippines, Infocom has developed simple hotspot kits with Wi-Fi units and transmission receivers. The equipment is configured to the internet before shipping and the installation is performed locally at the convenience of the community. Infocom provides the necessary remote support to register users.