Wet and dry markets represent key community commercial centers in all parts of the Philippines. There are small weekly markets in rural areas to the palengke in the regional capitals and the huge markets in Metro Manila. The markets in Metro Mania often feature large crowds of people sharing the benefits of Philippine products and cuisine. Weekend events and late-night markets are focus points for large groups of people all needing internet access for their social applications; sharing pictures and streaming videos to friends.

Market Indoor Wi-Fi

Infocom builds simple indoor Wi-Fi networks that bring the internet to all the stall operators and the visitors to the market. This internet may then be managed to meet the needs of the specific market, Advertisements can be posted to allow promotion of local goods. Social applications connecting the market to suppliers bring efficiencies to trade and convenience to shopping. Internet enhances the market experience.

Terminal Wi-Fi

Where there is a bus terminal or jeepney point near the market – a small efficient outdoor network is connected to the market. This gives coverage to those commuters waiting for buses or passengers waiting in the vehicle for trips to start. Markets represent key community centers that feature all-day shopping activities, centers for jeepneys and bus terminals. Infocom has a comprehensive suite of wi-fi solutions that combine indoor coverage of the markets with effective outdoor coverage of outdoor areas.