City areas with coffee shops and branded stores attract people who expect the best quality internet as they relax at the restaurants or walk through the open spaces. Infocom high power Wi-Fi make sure that users have continuous connection for the internet with high speed networks allowing fast video streaming, extensive surfing capability and immediate access to news feeds and social media. Night time brings large crowds and the infocom Wi-Fi effortlessly caters for the increased numbers.

Market Streets

Streets with stalls dominate many areas of the city. While the streets are not exclusively for pedestrian use, the number of people in the area is very high with high crowds almost all day and well into the night. The Wi-Fi network must cope with crowded stalls, many points of interference and a community that expects quality internet. The Infocom street solution also allows extension of internet to streetside or above the stores.

Coverage for Traffic

Wi-Fi for passengers is normally provided by the vehicle in the event of public transport. Street Wi-Fi can provide access to the internet for car passengers in areas where traffic is congested and slow. Infocom have traffic hotspots that provide internet to traffic at major intersections and points of congestion. Fast moving traffic is not well served by street Wi-Fi; refer to Public Transport Solutions.

The Simple Hotspot

Infocom has simple deployments that focus on delivering internet connectivity to one location in the cheapest possible way and to allow as many users to connect to that location as possible. Using modern equipment and in-house software solutions, Infocom deploys simple equipment, reliable transmission and simple access control. Fair use of the internet is provided by regulating access.

The Temporary Hotspot

Infocom is the leader in the deployment of temporary Wi-Fi to support events in the city. By connecting to nearby networks, Infocom brings quality internet to the concert or conference event. Using standalone Wi-Fi equipment and supporting with on-the-ground technical personnel, the best internet is provided for these most important events.