Internet at Home

Infocom provides advanced Wi-Fi solutions that serve a community where there are more computers connected to the network than mobile devices and homeowners prefer a higher ratio of streamed content than users outside the home. Infocom’s high capacity wireless products bring the most modern technology to these homeowners, while also providing the infrastructure that supports CCTV and subdivision security.


Subdivisions vary in type from high income subdivisions with very large lots in very secure compounds to high-density housing on small lots in the rural areas. All have the common problem of access to the internet; Infocom provides the solutions. Subdivision wide Wi-Fi supports CCTV security systems and provide the means to get broadband to every home. By eliminating the need for extensive fiber and copper cable systems the Wi-Fi is deployed quickly. The features of the Infocom products allow control of internet access to every home.


Infocom solutions deliver full building solutions for personal Wi-Fi in every apartment, building access to CCTV security and provide a platform for modern building and parking management systems. Wi-Fi coverage extends through the building’s public areas and allows the Home Owners Association to provide building news and residents information. The Wi-Fi network also provides a foundation for advanced security systems controlling access to the building, managing the building environment and managing the parking spaces.