Wi-Fi is a requirement in malls and Infocom is the leader in Wi-Fi systems that meet the needs of the facility. Fast an easy access to the internet contributes to the positive experience that customers have when using the mall facilities.The coverage supports users roaming through the premises and those taking time at the shops and restaurants in the mall. Location tracking and user profile information are made available that include knowing where the users congregate to the frequency of the user visits to a particular mall or to all malls with Infocom coverage.

Using Internet in Malls

Modern location based services are supported by the most advanced Wi-Fi networks allowing local spot advertising and special offers and helping the mall owners understand the pedestrian movements in the building. Thousands of customers visiting the mall everyday rely on mobile applications to communicate, share their experiences on social media, and browse the internet. Mobile applications offer information on stores, entertainment and events at the mall.

Reliable Network

Infocom deliver systems that are easy to install and present the most reliable networks in the world. Infocom offers fully integrated solutions including the hardware infrastructure, guest management reporting and management and reporting and monitoring tools. The Client-Match technology developed by Aruba automatically shifts the customers device to the best and nearest Wi-Fi, ensuring consistently high quality of coverage as customers move from store to store and floor to floor of the mall facilities.

Management and Maintenance

For the mall management and IT department the Infocom solutions simplify management and maintenance. The management of the Infocom infrastructure is from a centralized location using very user-friendly user interfaces. The administrators make rapid changes to the network and its security settings offering a high degree of customization.