Customized Solutions

From theaters to barangay halls, Infocom offers customized solutions to meet every need and affordability. Simple hotspots provide a community central location for members to access the internet. Wide range wi-fi coverage allows access throughout the whole building were required to support the government or commercial needs as well as the community requirements. The flexibility of the Infocom deployments also allows simple small-scale deployment that can grow with the needs of the community.

Communication Tool

Communities can be remote and connected to the national data grid by wireless links. In these communities internet becomes an important communication tool allowing community members talk to family members overseas. The internet also becomes the foundation for social and commercial networking, bringing modern benefits to those with few prospects.

Community-based Wifi

City communities, community associations, and barangays all benefit by a community-based Wi-Fi network that connects the community to the outside world but also provides a medium to share local news. The community management publicize events, show traffic information, send news bulletins and allow the network users to participate in local politics and decision making.