Infocom is the leader in proving high-quality Wi-Fi to resorts. The Beach coverage at Boracay means that holiday makers are always connected and use the internet to share their holiday experiences with their friends worldwide. Infocom offers high-quality wi-fi equipment that is resistant to salt water and to inclement coastal weather while providing a reliable connection at high speeds all day.

Tourists Resorts

Infocom works with Tourist Resorts to improve their property operations while also engaging a more connected, mobile tourist. The Resort can offer high-speed Wi-Fi across the entire property, from the room to the pool and beach. Resort IT can build a simple to use personal area network so guests can have a home like an experience while traveling.

Premium Resorts

High speed personalized internet services allow the resort to imprint is brand on all its guests’ activities. As the Philippines becomes a first-choice destination for tourists, the highest quality highest speed networks are required. Infocom builds Wi-Fi networks that can deliver over 1 Gbps speeds to hundreds of simultaneous users. At premium locations, the Philippines will match the best internet access in the world.

The Beach Resort

The challenges to build reliable wi-fi networks on the seashore are well known to Infocom. Infocon builds robust networks with hardware designed to resist high salt and water environments. The units are also aesthetically pleasing and do not interfere with the beauty of the resort itself.

Mountain Resort

Infocom infrastructure solutions overcome the sloping landscapes of mountain resorts to ensure internet access through all parts of the property. Simple hotspot solutions can be linked together or a resort wide Wi-Fi is installed depending on the owners’ preference. This means that mountain and remote resorts can give guests exceptional service even while exploring the property or relaxing by the pool.


The Infocom hotel solutions allow guests to connect with anyone and everything at the hotel and allow staff to assist visitors anywhere on your property. The hotel keeps guests personally engaged during their stay with mobile applications that inspire guests to explore all the possibilities of the hotel and the surrounding areas. Wi-Fi at a hotel is no longer just about high-speed Internet access.


Diners expect internet services in the restaurant. Infocom can provide this coverage either from the surrounding mall or with access points installed in the restaurant. The network may be simple access or with services consistent with enterprise networks. Infocom has the solutions to meet the needs of the highest end restaurants and the simple needs of the roadside carinderia.