Infocom also supports the smaller airports with lighter systems that are installed with no disruption to the operation of the airport. Infocom’s Wi-Fi supports high definition CCTV and the security systems based on tracking people movements through the property and surrounding areas.


Infocom is the leader in airport Wi-Fi deployment in the Philippines. Infocom’s deployment expertise and experience working in high-security areas means that the access regulations for deployment and maintenance are efficiently managed. Infocom’s high-quality solutions also cater for the large numbers of passengers as they use the terminals, moving from restaurants to waiting areas to the boarding gates.

Ports and Ferry Terminals

Infocom provides high-quality internet access for the passengers on shore while supporting the entertainment systems on the vessels with on-board internet and on-board content, all on a Wi-Fi network. Passengers location management on board complements the ships security systems and safety is supported by wireless CCTV and monitoring of the vessels’ danger areas.

Bus Terminals

Infocom has great Wi-Fi systems for the hubs where jeepneys and buses collect and disperse passengers. Infocom also offers Wi-Fi for the buses and trains and even for jeepneys for those more enterprising owners. For the long journeys where transmission may not support Wi-Fi when off the highways, Infocom offline solutions still provide up to date content that the passengers can access.