Infocom empowers education authorities and teachers to deliver the high degree of management required to encourage children to use the internet for wholesome purposes and learn the value if responsible browsing and learning.

Internet for Education

Infocom is particularly committed to using the internet for education and bringing internet access to all schools, no matter the location. Infocom supports high-tech equipment at schools with ambitious internet programs. Students gather at hotspots while Wi-Fi is available in all recreation areas for social networking. Campus-wide networks make sure there is a connection to the internet and the school networks from all locations on the property.

Faculty Specific Networks

Faculty specific networks allow secure communication of course material, document sharing and student cooperation. The connection of all members in the faculty increases student self-identification with their department and gives much better access to the information the student needs to achieve high level academic success.

Data Centers Integration

In all education situations, Infocom works with teachers to control what can be accessed by students. These requirements are different for grade school and college students; Infocom provides the ability to meet both requirements. Infocom’s robust systems provide solid platforms for national and local education applications and allow these to run efficiently on the network.